PotentiaMED is a data and analytics company

PotentiaMED is enhancing medical evidence with real-world clinical and economic outcomes data and predictive analytic platforms. Our outcomes and insights products support independent comparative effectiveness, personalized medicine, value-based care and outcomes based claims adjudication.

New information and approaches to analysis

Our specialized information and new approaches to analysis add value in three major ways. Together, they empower informed decision-making, foster healing relationships, and most importantly, improve lives.

Personalized and predictive insights

Our customers need specialized information to answer important, specific, and personal questions like: what is the prognosis? What are the risk-adjusted outcomes? How do we compare?

For providers, payers, and medical technology firms

We work as a trusted third-party to cross traditional boundaries. We provide multi-institutional data registries and unique analytic platforms to support systematic comparisons of results, measure performance, and support learning and improvement.