PotentiaMetrics provides personalized and predictive analytic platforms supported by proprietary clinical and economic real-world outcomes registries.

The company’s PotentiaMED outcomes and insights products empower healthcare stakeholders to illuminate complex issues, extract useful insights, and make more informed, value-based treatment decisions that lead to better outcomes and reduced costs.

Customers include providers, medical technology, pharmaceutical companies, and payers.

Our Mission is to change the world one decision at a time, by providing trusted and actionable insights– to uncover what works, for whom, under what circumstances and the tradeoffs.

Our Products include multi-institutional, real-world outcomes registries that enable the development of unique, personalized and predictive analytic solutions.

Our Team consist of clinicians, experts in data sciences, analytics, and technology, and a development partnership with a top University.

Our Value stems from a combination of essential elements, unique data proprietary analytic platforms, proven processes and genuine objectivity.

Differentiation: what sets PotentiaMED apart?

Individual-level, real-world datasets

Unique insights, not reliant on publicly-available sources

Large enough samples to uncover insights into treatment and individual outcomes

Unique personalized and predictive analytic platforms

Externally-validated, proprietary economic platforms to compare clinical and economic outcomes

Speed – our outcomes and insights are delivered in months not years

The independence and clinical expertise to report outcomes with genuine objectivity

Essential Elements

PotentiaMED’s value stems from a combination of essential elements

PotentiaMED essential elements

The foundation of our business is outcomes data. PotentiaMED works as a trusted third-party to cross traditional boundaries and share information to create real-world outcomes registries. Our outcomes registries are derived from the aggregation of multiple offline sources with thousands of attributes per record. We have obtained large sample sizes this allows us to explore rare events and produce high-quality benchmarks.


Obtaining data is not enough. It must also yield meaningful and actionable insights. PotentiaMED analytics platform leverages new massive-scale data processing techniques to answer important questions. The power and relevance of our solutions is derived from the experience of highly skilled clinicians, statisticians, economists and engineers who understand the critical nuances.


Advanced processes and tools support our teams in achieving the most precise and rapid deployment. Project management minimizes the key risks at all stages. System design capability that produces lower risk and faster implementation.


We are an independent and autonomous outcomes and analytics company providing solutions that support sophisticated analyses. As an independent company, PotentiaMED does not have the inherent conflicts of interest that can arise. Our team includes renowned clinicians and experts in data sciences, analytics, and technology and a development partnership with a top University. The validity of our outcomes data, analytic solutions and trusted third-party intermediary status is defined by the firms’ objectivity, independence, trustworthiness and credibility.