Differentiate yourself

What you do with information is what will differentiate you from your competitors.

The next frontier in medicine is engaging the power of advanced analytics to leverage the expanding universe of outcomes and cost data to evaluate the appropriate options to deliver patient-centric, coordinated and accountable care. This requires providers, payers, and medical technology firms to cross traditional boundaries and share information to create a more efficient learning healthcare system.

PotentiaMED tools define value and make it transparent

Our tools assist customers with the following questions :

Identifiable – Where is value being created and what is that value?

Measurable – How much value is being created?

Reportable – Can others recognize and appreciate that value?

PotentiaMED products provides clients with specialized outcomes information and insights

Our customers have important questions that require specialized information:

What are the risk-adjusted outcomes?

What are the costs?

How do we compare?

Customer Value

The PotentiaMED platform empowers you to innovate faster, with specialized resources, more cost effectively, with less risk and multiple returns on investment.

Faster time to market

To compete, you need to quickly transform new ideas into real applications and evolve those applications with agility to meet fast-changing business and technical requirements. Market opportunities exist very briefly. Your business needs to build, deploy, and iterate in months, not years. By simplifying, automating, and in many cases eliminating the steps associated with setting up the foundation for your application, you can get your application deployed much more quickly in the first place, and you can iterate, adapt, and extend it more rapidly over time.

Information across the continuum

Our solutions are aligned to outcomes objectives across provider, med-tech and payer response. Most other companies only have information assets or solutions for a single constituent. The combination of our predictive modeling engine and patient-based scoring results in precise cohorts and for individuals with tremendous scale. For many of our competitors who are relying on less detailed information to develop models determining prognosis for specific cohorts or at the individual patient level is not possible.

Specialized resources

Advanced analytics and big data expertise is in short supply, and PotentiaMED is well positioned to provide this expertise. PotentiaMED products eliminate much of the overhead required deploy and manage data and analytics applications. Our cloud platform leverages the responsiveness of your IT infrastructure, giving you on-demand access to new services that improve business processes – freeing you to focus on the decisions and execution that drive innovation and value for your organization.

Less risk

The skills, tools, and processes required to fully implement outcomes registries and analytic models are complex and multifaceted. PotentiaMED products dramatically cut the risk, cost, and complexity of new projects. It brings predictability to both the cost and the ramifications of introducing new applications and services. To the extent needed, the PotentiaMED platform can complement and add value to existing development and IT operations.

Multiple returns on investment

Technology investments can be hefty, with payback over extended periods of time, and returns that are difficult to see and distinguish from ordinary operations or macro-level trends. With the PotentiaMED platform you are tapping into a real economy of scale and accessing data that otherwise would be unavailable. By teaming with PotentiaMetrics your investment is minimal, payback is almost immediate, returns are easy to see and quantifiable.

PotentiaMED Customer Groups

We work as a trusted third-party to cross traditional boundaries. We provide multi-institutional data registries and unique analytic platforms to support systematic comparisons of results, measure performance, and support learning and improvement.


Our solutions include real-world outcomes registries, comparative effectiveness and prognostic tools to support clinicians and patients.

Tailored treatment and survival information will impact understanding of disease, improve outcomes and support value-based care decisions.


Our outcomes and insights products leverage multi-institutional patient-level information and proprietary advanced analytics to support independent treatment effectiveness and outcomes-based claims adjudication.


Our analytics and insights platform provides synthesis of real world data which results in real world clinical and economic evidence.

Our solutions have been trained on outcomes of thousands of patients from multiple institutions over many years to define the importance of patient-specific factors such as age, diagnosis, and comorbidity, for prognosis and to quantify the cost of care including complications.