Employing Data Science to Uncover Insights

While health care providers, payers and med-tech companies are seeking to align incentives with outcomes improvement, balancing both goals of cost reduction and outcomes improvement is complex. While outcomes based incentives are increasingly a financial and strategic imperative, it is also important to safeguard against inadvertent consequences.

By using analytics to baseline current outcomes, measure, quantify, and predict risk, decision-makers can rely less on intuition and create a consistent methodology based on data-driven insights. As opposed to the much smaller and narrower range of patients who typically participate in traditional clinical trials, PotentiaMED makes use of the medical data gleaned from large groups of patients.

This gives PotentiaMED customers access to insights based on vastly larger and more accurate data sample on which to base their conclusions, allowing them to ascertain the effectiveness and ROI of a treatment or device in real-world, clinical settings. PotentiaMED assists clients in bringing outcomes data and advanced analytics capabilities to key issues like outcomes incentives, including clearly defining and understanding metrics and managing their tolerance for and exposure to risk.