Support of Healthcare Reform

There is a national push toward providing value in healthcare along with payment reform. The fee for service system is not sustainable, and, some form of payment reform tied to value will be critical. Competitive scorecards and unblinded public reporting are essential features of value-based care and healthcare reform.

Public reporting of physician and other clinicians’ performances are here to stay, but unfortunately, these reports come from a host of groups using mostly administrative claims or a very limited set of performance measures. There are few sources of information that provide clinically precise outcomes and outcomes transparency required for various stakeholders, including providers, patients and payers to make accurate systematic comparisons of results and create a coherent vision for care. The readily available administrative data captured by hospital EHR/EMR and other systems is not designed to answer clinical questions, therefore outcomes reporting derived from this data is, erroneous, not-actionable, unsound and misleading.

PotentiaMetrics provides the patient level outcome data that is essential to support value-based healthcare decisions.  PotentiaMED products combine this unique data with innovative analytic platforms and to define value in the delivery of quality, cost-effective care while incentivizing outcomes-based customer partnerships. PotentiaMED outcomes and insights platforms support the patient-centric model of care that health care reform demands and patient groups advocate.